Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4 & Xbox Game Updates

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is releasing a new update tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and PC following a brief announcement earlier this month.

But what you can be sure of, is that the new update will be pretty significant and feature plenty more than a few choice bug fixes or settings changes.

Not that the update won’t also contain bug fixes and the like. Basically, prepare for a sizeable update and make some extra space on that HDD to download the update when it drops.

For those looking for a sneak peak at the Patch Notes, you’ll have to wait tomorrow afternoon when the update goes live.

Based on past releases we suspect that this update should launch at around 10am PDT, or 6pm GMT for those based in the UK.

As per usual Treyarch have taken to Reddit to drop a massive slice of info about what’s changing and one of the big changes appears to be a new camo progression system.

You can read all about these changes further down, but for now, here’s a quick introductory message from Treyarch, speaking about the big new update.

We’re also planning on launching Blackout’s full camo progression system following the initial rollout of the 1.12 update, as well as support for Mastery Camos in Blackout and Zombies. These features work a bit differently compared to the current camo systems in Multiplayer, and we’ll be putting the finishing touches on them shortly after releasing the updates listed above. Support for Mastercrafts, Reactive Camos, and Black Market Camos in Zombies is also planned to go live in this timeframe.

The weapon camo progression design for Blackout is a different system with its own challenges compared to Multiplayer, and Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter unlocked in Multiplayer will not be automatically unlocked in Blackout. There will be different camos to unlock in Blackout on the path to Mastery Camos through a wholly new mechanic.

As we mentioned in an earlier update, we want to make sure that equipping these camos in each mode proves that you put in the effort required to earn them. Hope this helps! More details to come next week

Keep reading for a preview of what’s coming in all three modes, with full patch notes to follow shortly after the update goes live.



We’ll be implementing a new round of tuning changes to Blackout with this update, including:

• Reduced damage protection for Armour across the board (Levels 1-3)

• Level 3 Armour will no longer include additional damage protection against explosions and melee attacks

• Increased Armour Plate requirements to repair Level 3 Armour

• Reduced status effect duration, area of effect radius, and throw distance for Concussion grenades

• More options to outplay attackers when hit by a Concussion grenade

• Increased time to detonate for Cluster Grenades

• Damage reduction for mini-Cluster Grenade explosions

Stay tuned for the full patch notes early next week to see all of the changes coming to Blackout.

Classic & Loot Weapons in Zombies

Five additional weapons are coming to Zombies next week! We’re adding the MP 40, Grav, Daemon 3XB, SWAT RFT, and KAP 45 to the Mystery Box across every Black Ops 4 Zombies map for all players, as well as the Zombies Armory for full camo progression and customisation. Classic weapons (MP 40 and Grav) will be unlocked by default in the Armoury, and customisation for loot weapons will become available in the Armoury as they’re unlocked in the Black Market.

Blackjack’s Gun Game in Multiplayer

Blackjack is back with an updated selection for this special take on Gun Game, now featuring the KAP 45 full-auto pistol in the mix. You know the deal: survive an all-out free-for-all with a different weapon awarded for each kill, and a demotion for death by melee. Be the first to get through the full arsenal before everyone else to secure the win.

“Ambush” Limited-Time Mode in Blackout (PS4)Our next limited-time mode arrives in Blackout next week on PS4 with Ambush! Get the drop on your enemies using only sniper rifles, melee attacks, and launchers while surviving a circle that never stops collapsing once it starts.

This hectic new mode will replace Down But Not Out in the Featured Playlist slot next week on PS4, while Down But Not Out runs on Xbox One and PC for the second week of its two-week run. Thanks again for your awesome feedback on our new limited-time modes, and let us know what you think about Ambush once you’ve had a chance to jump in.

IX Gauntlet in Zombies (PS4)

Our second Zombies Gauntlet arrives with “Vini, Vidi, Zombie!” in IX starting Jan. 29 on PS4. Battle the undead through 30 rounds of new challenges, and race against the clock to prove your gladiatorial skills to the rest of the world… or die trying.


Regional Blackout Playlists

For our Blackout players in lower-population server regions, including South America and South Africa: changes are coming! We’ve continued to examine the data and investigate options that will provide the best experience for all players in these regions, and while condensing the number of playlists still proves to be the best option to ensure fuller lobbies, we’ve heard your requests for a wider variety of gameplay options.

Starting today, we’re testing out a region-based rotating Featured Playlist that will rotate multiple times per week. Today, you’ll see the Blackout Featured Playlist shift from Down But Not Out to Duos, and this will change again on Tuesday. Thanks for bearing with us while we test further options to make Blackout the best experience it can be for everyone around the world.


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