Tesco Drops Galaxy S9 And Note 9 Prices Ahead Of Galaxy S10 Release Date


The Galaxy S10 was declared a week ago and also with this phone set on start in the coming weeks which means costs for the present S9 continue to tumble.

There is already been numerous cost cuts with stores like Argos and Currys reducing the total cost of the S9 to under £, 550.

Today Tesco Mobile is linking the party with a large Samsung sale which provides both the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 in a lower cost.

These new offers imply Samsung fans may get a galaxy s9 for only £, 26.75 per month or the Galaxy Note 9 for £, 36.49 per month – its lowest price.

The Galaxy S9 deal includes 1GB of information, 5000 minutes and 5000 texts with Note 9 with 2 GB of information, 5000 minutes and 5000 texts.

Those desiring the bigger S9+, Tesco is also offering this larger phone for as little as £, 29.49 per month, with 1GB of information, 5000 minutes and 5000 texts.


Even though these deals are cheap it is worth noting that to find the cheapest price you’ll have to register for a 36 month contract so be sure you would like to maintain the device for that long before hitting the purchase button.

It is also worth remembering why the Galaxy S9 is getting discounted.

On March 8, Samsung will release the new Galaxy S10 into the entire world with this phone arriving packed with new features including a better edge-to border screen, processor faster and triple back camera that may bring a better zoom and the capability to shoot pictures with an ultra wide angle lens.

Owners of the S10 will also be treated to an embedded fingerprint scanning device under the display along with a technology that allows the other phones and accessories to wireless control when put against this new Samsung flagship.

Prices of the standard S10 starts from £,799 with the S 10 Plus costing £,899.

The S 10e costs £,669.

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